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In The Spotlight

WTG Wins Contract To Manage Consolidated Telephone Operations At Lackland AFB Annex, Port San Antonio, San Antonio, TX.

WTG will manage telephone business systems equipment and switchboards to relay incoming, outgoing, and interoffice calls. Provide information to callers; arrange conference calls and record messages.



Have you ever wondered why some programs achieve or exceed their goals and objectives while others do not? Do you have concerns about whether your program’s technical and logistical requirements can hold up under financial scrutiny? What is the impact to your organization’s strategic initiatives if your program does not meet agreed upon deadlines?

To improve project efficiency, streamline your process, and fulfill resource requirements, WTG employs highly qualified Program Analysts and Managers to develop your solutions.

Since 1999, WTG has delivered superior Program Management and Support services to our clients. Our experience in a number of organizational environments makes us uniquely qualified to manage all aspects of your program management needs. From leadership to support services, WTG Program Management services cover the breadth of managerial, technical and administrative support to insure your Program’s continuing success.

Program Management & Support Services

Acquisition Management Support
Contract Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)
System Engineer and System Analyst resources
Specialized Administrative Support
Documentation and Reporting Support
Program Assessment & Review