Consulting services have interconnected disciplines affecting the outcome of one another. Many organizations have a common communication gap between business strategy and implementation. Our experience and subject matter experts bring significant value and insight to the challenges organizations face in today's dynamically changing environment. We ensure that all aspects of the decision-making process are carefully considered as we strategically engage in helping organizations achieve success as a cohesive and cooperative body.



Technology is a constant struggle to maintain continuity and balance with rapid changes and enhancements in keeping with innovation. Many of the advances in state-of-the-art technology happen in a timeline that is inconsistent with the budgets and available resources required to stay current, especially in the area of software updates and patches. Technology refresh is also a seemingly endless challenge that requires significant planning in order to ensure successful execution. Upfront planning is crucial before designing and building solutions. Technology is not just about tools, it’s about improved results.


Information Management

It is difficult to make decisions in the midst of incomplete and sometimes inaccurate information within your organization. Adequate delivery of services to help drive filtering and coorelation of data in order to achieve accurate and meaningful situation awareness is key to minimuze risk while obtaining desired results. The end result culminating in faster response and resolution of incidents, and even the ability to mitigate or reduce the impact of threats.


About Us

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Technology Solution Heroes

Founded in 1999, Washington Technology Group, Incorporated (WTG) delivers professional services and solutions in the areas of Information Assurance (IA), Data Center and Network Operations Management, and Program Management. We strive to be a premier solution provider by using innovative, disciplined and proven methodologies to meet customer needs.

WTG delivers value by merging innovative solutions with the best proven practices for resolving complex operational issues. Whether your needs are in Information Assurance, Data Center and Network Operations Management, Application Development, Program Management, or Managed Services, you can rely on WTG; we are a trusted advisor to Federal and Commercial customers since 1999.


Our reputation is important to us and we want people to remember WTG as trusted partners.

Quality Service

We expect the best out of each other so that our clients and partners get the best out of us. Quality products and services are important to us.

Company Spirit

We campaign for the customer and encourage our employees to gain empathy for customers.


We are fun-chasers and enjoy the work we do. We deliver and perform with a purpose, and accidental discovery often leads to great innovation.


We always have something to learn and approach every situation with a learning attitude. As a result, we improve ourselves and others around us.

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